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Rijksmuseum -  The most famous museum in the Netherlands

Flower market-  One of the many stalls at the flower market...


 The Katsu coffee shop.     They sell a large selection of regular & herbal teas, fruit juices, soft drinks and a perfect italian coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte as well as yes you guessed it, Marijuana.  

Two hotels to consider are Hotel Tropen and Manor Hotel.        The Manor hotel is nice, I stayed there last time.                                                                      Hotel Tropen-

Both hotels are near the tram stop called Muiderpoort train station. 

You can go directly to the airport without going to the central station. Cost is 4 euros.  There are a couple of museums and a small park in the area.  One is the Tropen museum ( Tropical museum) which is very interesting.

HELPFUL TIP      There is also a 1, 2 or 3 day transport pass available if you plan to really see the city in depth.

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