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Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding begins at 2 PM
Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi (56 km)
Day 3: Ghent - Dendermonde | St-Amands, 24 or 32 mi (40 or 53 km)
Day 4: St-Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 (47 or 59 km)
Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak Locks  | Kreekrak Locks - Tholen |Tholen Dordrecht:  20 or 26 mi (34 or 43 km)
Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdink Schoonhoven - Vianen, 33 mi. (55 km)
Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen | Breuken - Amsterdam, 28 mi (46 km)
Day 8: Depature from Amsterdam, 10 am

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding begins at 2 PM
Arrival and embarkation in the early afternoon in the beautiful city of Bruges, also called “Pearl of Flanders”. The crew will welcome you. You will have plenty of time to discover the beautiful historical city of Bruges. Afternoon and evening with city tour in Bruges.

Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi (56 km)
Today, your day starts on the water and the barge will leave Bruges early. Just outside the city, your first bike tour will lead to Ghent through the flat land of West-Flanders will start. Your destination today is the historical center of Ghent. Enjoy the beautiful parts of Ghent during an afternoon stroll. The barge is docked in the city center of Ghent.

Day 3: Ghent - Dendermonde |St-Amands, 24 or 32 mi (40 or 53 km)
Today, the barge will sail over the river Schelde to Dendermonde, a nice town at the conjunction of the rivers Dender and Schelde. The bike tour leads along one of the most beautiful parts of the Schelde, a tidal river. You will follow this beautiful tidal river downstream. The departure time will be set by the skipper and is depending on high or low tide. The tide has affect on the speed of the barge. By bike or by barge from Dendermonde to St. Amands. Night in St. Amands.

Day 4: St-Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 (47 or 59 km)
Today we will follow the Schelde further downstream over Temse to Antwerp. There is a beautiful cycling track along the river and the scenery is magnificent. Harbor city Antwerp whit it’s beautiful inner city is well known as diamond city and the city where the famous painter Rubens was born. Dinner in town in a restaurant of your choice (not included). On request, you will receive some restaurant recommendations on board.

Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak Locks| Kreekrak Locks -  Tholen | Tholen Dordrecht:  20 or 26 mi (34 or 43 km)
The barge will cruise over the Schelde-Rhine Canal to the huge Kreekrak locks. Here starts your bike tour. You will cycle through several estates along Bergen op Zoom and Halsteren to Tholen, a former fishing village amidst the large streams of the province of Zeeland. The barge is waiting for you to sail along the impressive large Volkerak locks to the fortified town of Willemstad, then further to end in Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. Today, the skipper will discuss with you which part of the tour will be covered by bicycle.

Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdijk Schoonhoven - Vianen, 33 mi. (55 km)
Today you will start your tour with the “Waterbus”, a fast ferry that will take you and your bike in just 10 minutes to Alblasserdam. After just a few minutes of cycling you will reach Kinderdijk, the most famous windmills in the Netherlands with 19 windmills in line (don’t forget your camera!). The windmills were constructed in the 18th century to pump water out of the low Alblasserwaard polder. You can visit one of the windmills. Then bike tour via silver city Schoonhoven to Vianen, a small fortified town on the river Lek. In the evening you can explore this town.

Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen| Breuken - Amsterdam, 28 mi (46 km)
First the ship cruises to Breukelen, where you disembark and your cycling tour starts. Ride along the small Vecht river: this area is well known for its beautiful mansions, small castles and beautiful houses with large gardens and parks. Over the small villages of Nieuwersluis, Loenen and Vreeland to Nigtevecht, where you can visit a traditional cheese farm. Continue cycling through the historical town of Muiden and on to Amsterdam where you will meet the barge for the final time in the Amsterdam harbor.

Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam, 10 am

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