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October 17th, 2021 

The Covid world is slowly changing for the better. The Delta variant appears to have hit its’ two month peak and is now trending downward. Vaccinations have proven very effective and it’s easier than ever to get tested.  In many cases test results are available in 15 to 30 minutes. Just like there are requirements to enter Italy or Croatia, there are requirements that must be met to return to the United States. There is a mandatory test before re-entering the USA.  Interestingly the USA currently has a higher infection rate than either Italy or Croatia. Hopefully that will change by Springtime. 

Since to my knowledge, everyone in our group is fully vaccinated, travel back to the U.S. should not be too much of a burden. Below are the locations for both the Italy and Croatia trip as to where we can get tested in those countries. I have only listed Split, Venice and Milan, but you can easily search the internet if you are going to Rome, Florence, or some other locale. Just search Covid testing and the airport you are departing from. For example “Covid testing Rome airport” Every airport I researched has on-site quick testing. By the time we get there, testing should be a routine event. Prices for tests run $50 to $115 depending upon locale. 

There is one other way to get tested. Many thanks to club member Paul Lefebvre for bringing this to my attention. Using Abbott’s BinaxNOW you can test yourself as long as you have access to the internet. A home test kit of 6 tests runs about $50.  You test yourself anywhere in the world while being proctored by a healthcare person online and they send you a QR code if you pass or fail which you submit to your airline.  To me this is very appealing and affordable and I intend to give it a try. 

Info is here   www.emed.com                                                                                                                                

I will be updating this info from time to time as conditions change. The most important thing is not to wait until the last minute to plan for your test before you travel.  Current cabin availability is 3 for Italy and 5 for Croatia. Now is a great time to start talking to your friends, relatives or acquaintances and have them join you. 

Only 201 days until the Italy trip and 215 until the Croatia trip. 








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