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Hello my fellow Dubrovniks!

I'm not sure what stage in the planning process you are, however I am about to book not only our flights on Lufthansa but an AirBnb in Dubrovnik. We are headed there a few days early to wind down and enjoy the beaches, the city and it's people.  Here is some of what we have discovered.  

First it's not easy or quick to get to and from Dubrovnik from the U.S. It's going to be a long travel day.  Second, Dubrovnik is built on the side of a hill and walking up to various properties will most likely be part of our daily routine.  Third, no matter where you are in the city it looks to me like the views are nothing short of spectacular. Sunsets no doubt will demand a prime location with your favorite beverage in hand.  See below.

I've included an article directed at single female travelers which includes several destinations we have already been to as well as Dubrovnik itself. Don't worry guys you can read it too! Hope you enjoy it! Best places for women to travel solo

Only 257 days to go!  All the best, Michael

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