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Dear {Contact_First_Name},

I've been retired for nearly 2 years now and I feel like a vacation is more necessary than ever.  How can that possibly be?  Nevertheless it is, so I was especially happy when I glanced at the calendar and saw that it's only 70 days until we all meet in Croatia.  I hope at this point that everyone has finalized all of their arrangements.  You have done that right?  How about that Passport?  It needs to be valid for 6 months after we return to the U.S.  Check it now. 
This trip unlike any of our other trips will require suntan lotion.  Our small group has determined that a kayak trip is in order a day or two before we all meet. Hence the necessary lotion.  Croatia has few sandy beaches so bring some kind of water shoes if you decide to kayak. You will be walking on rock a lot of the time.  I have reached out to a kayak company in Dubrovnik that ironically has an office just outside of Boston.  Once I receive the information I requested I will share it with you. 

I am also investigating a tour to a local vineyard but so far haven't seen anything that caught my eye.  More on that to follow. 

Croatia trivia- Croatia has the 10th deepest cave system in the world.  I am going to take their word for it. Above ground is where I belong.

Lastly for those of you that are going to Venice either before or after, PBS has a very interesting show on how the Venetians are trying to save their city from drowning.  Venice like many other tourist destinations is best visited in a shoulder season.   Check it out here

If your research has led to anything interesting please forward it to me so I can share it with the group.

See you in Croatia!


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