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Dear Michael,

For many years my father subscribed to Scientific American and like father, like son, I too became a subscriber.  Today I came across this article which may be of interest to all of you as we will be in the area of which the article speaks.  It's not a long article but if nothing else watch the video.  It's one of the most interesting geologic events I have read about. Mediterranean flood 

 Imagine a waterfall a nearly 5000 feet tall! Niagara Falls by comparison is 167 feet tall. 

29 days to go!  Can you believe it?

Remember that we are gathering at the Finegold-Howe-Hills place for cocktails and Hor's   D' Oeuvres.  Time is 6-6:30 on the evening of the 28th.  Sunset is 7:42 PM on that evening.  

The address is: Lazarina ulica 2A.  You can stroll down to the village afterwards for a more fulfilling bite to eat if you wish. 

I strongly suggest you enter the address into your mobile device or print this out and put it in your suitcase because I will be unavailable by phone or text in Croatia. 

Looking forward to our wonderful Croatian adventure!


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