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Croatia -  April 29th to May 6th, 2018.   292 days to go!

First the good news!  Our trip is sold out and most of you have traveled on a bike and boat trip with the club before, which means we will have an adventurous and experienced bunch of travelers and that is always a good thing. By the way the trip sold out in 5 days! A record for the club. 

A reminder that July 15th is the deposit due date. However some of you may not have received the email stating when the deposit was due. So to be fair I am extending it by 7 days to July 22nd for those that did not.  Due to the requirements of the tour operator we must send a large deposit to them.  Therefore I am asking for your help in this matter.  If you haven't already sent in your deposit, please send it in promptly. 

Make check payable to:  Upper Cape Ski Club    Amount is $500.00 per person

Mail it to: Len Hills, PO BOX 3149, Pocasset, MA 02559 

Absolutely no payment by credit card or PayPal.  Sorry!  

Ok, on to a more interesting stuff. 

I found a handy website that lets you easily see which airlines serve Dubrovnik airport and where they fly out of.  Suggest you bookmark it.  and then scroll down.  You can also find the same information about the airport you are flying out of by going to wikipedia and typing in your airport name. i.e. Orlando airport or Munich airport

My initial research shows the following which you can use as a general guide however I strongly recommend you do your own due diligence.  Currently average prices seem to run around $1000-$1300 from Boston to a gateway airport and then on to Dubrovnik. 

Amsterdam- "Kings day" is happening the week of April 22nd to the 30th.  Hotel rooms will be expensive and hard to find.  Suggest you stay out of town if stopping in Amsterdam. Possibly better on the back end.

Berlin- No direct from Boston to Berlin. Reasonable hotel pricing and flights to Dubrovnik. Very hip, young and progressive.  Say hi to Angela Merkel if you see her.  Make sure to shake her hand......

Munich - Direct flight on Lufthansa from Boston, reasonable hotels and flights to Dubrovnik.  Great beer gardens to relax in. Lots to see and do in the surrounding countryside. Munich is one of my favorite cities in Europe.  Garmisch Partenkirchen, King Ludwigs castle and Hallstatt, Austria are excellent day trips from Munich.  FYI- Hallstatt is so beautiful that a Chinese billionaire copied it exactly, building for building, in a location in China!  Talk about twin cities....

“You do not even go somewhere else, I tell you there's nothing like Munich. Everything else is a waste of time in Germany”

~ Ernest Hemingway on Munich

I recommend the Hotel Blauer Bock in Munich as a place to stay.  Call me if interested in this option, I will fill you in. 

Frankfurt- Major european and international hub- 2nd biggest financial center in Europe.  Heidelberg, The Rhine River and other sights nearby.  Easy flight to DBV, several direct flights out of Boston. 

Barcelona- Slightly expensive and harder to get to but worth every minute.  Lots to do in the city.  Architecture like none other.  Ask me where to go for Tapas if you choose this one.  No direct from USA.  Easy flight to Dubrovnik on Vueling Air.  Good connections to Barcelona out of Paris and Dublin. 

Venice- harder to get to from USA,  but reasonable flights, hotels expensive.  See it before it sinks into the sea!  No direct from Boston.  Be on the lookout for James Bond and George Clooney.  

Rome- Direct flights from Boston.  More to see then you have time for.  Easy to get to Dubrovnik.  Beware of gladiators and crazy drivers. 

Paris- Easy flights from Boston and Florida.  Easy to get to Dubrovnik.  2000 hotels, 40,000 restaurants, more to do than you have time for in this lifetime.  Museums galore.  Always a favorite.  Take the evening boat tour.

London- Several flights to DBV, easy flights from USA.  One of the largest financial cities in the world.  A haven for pubs, old houses, unique ferris wheels, the Cotswolds, Harry Potter, and the famous changing of the guard. Be on the lookout for Will Shakespeare, Russian spies and warm beer. 

Vienna- Bicycle friendly, art and music to die for, as is the Sacher Torte and coffee houses.  Strauss is in the park and so is the butterfly garden.  Beautiful parks.   OPEC meets here.  

Discount airlines within Europe:  Vueling (Barcelona hub), Ryanair (Dublin and London- Stansted hubs), German Wings (Berlin hub), Easy Jet (Paris and Amsterdam hubs)

 N.B. Use caution on discount airlines as they frequently do not leave from major city hubs but rather smaller outlying airports.   

Future travels-  I am thinking of putting together some sort of trip to Hawaii- Australia- New Zealand, maybe even Japan.   If we are going that far we might as well see as much as we can. Probably no bicycles involved except for maybe an occasional day trip.  It would be 14 to 21 days, small group for flexibility.  

 I have no details yet, it's just a fantasy.  Any takers?  

Please send me info on flights to share with the group once you discover or book them. 

Hint!  Check your passport to make sure it is valid for 6 months after the date of your return.  If not apply for a new passport NOW.


This email and all future emails regarding Croatia will be posted in the club website under Croatia.  You must sign in to read them.  They are not for the general public. 

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